Join In!

Clean ups occur monthly! Check out our Facebook page for event details.


Beach Cleaning is a great family activity that gets you out, keeps you active and can be lots of fun! But whether you’re helping out at one of our organized clean ups or doing your own 2 Minute Beach Clean, its important to stay safe. Every piece of plastic removed from our shores is one that won’t end up in the food chain, killing a marine animal or polluting our beautiful Caribbean Sea.


  • Wear protective gloves or use a litter picker. If you can’t, wash your hands afterwards.
  • Supervise your children and make sure they don’t pick up sharp objects or poop or dead things.
  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing and be careful on ironshore and wet rocks
  • Be sunsafe, wear a hat, suncream and take a reusbable water bottle.
  • Report any ususual packages to the police.
  • Dispose of your finds responsibly and take recyclables to local drop off points.

Do Not

  • Pick up needles or glass or any other sharps. Old or used needles MUST be handled carefully and disposed of properly. Ask your local pharmacy.
  • Pick up blood veils without gloves and like sharps, they MUST be handled carefully.
  • Put yourself in dangerous situations trying to reach trash.
  • Pick up anything you are unsure about. Your safety comes first.

Plastic Free Cayman Group Shot
Thank you for helping, you are making a difference!